Chest of Drawers

Mom has bead project trays and was going to buy one of those pretty boxes you can get at any of the craft stores. The problem was getting one big enough. Personally, I don’t like lifting trays, boxes, etc., up out of boxes to get to the bottom tray/box. So I told her I’d make her something to put them in.

First thing I did was measure the trays; trouble is I didn’t write the measurements down and tried to do it from memory the first time. Luckily I just made one drawer to start with and took it on my next visit to see if the trays fit. It wasn’t long enough for her longest tray. I had gone through the measurements and calculations multiple times and calculated how much foamcore I’d need and layed out the pieces on each board…all that went out the window when the initial tray didn’t work.

So, I recalculated and re-laid it out. Ever notice how you get different results each time you try to lay out something like this? I really don’t know how many times I did the calculations, but I should’ve done them one more time. Instead, I tried to just fix the differences in the sides and shelf supports after I changed the size of the drawers. It turned out okay, but lesson learned…. calculate it one more time if any adjustments are made. Starting over with the drawers, I cut all but the front piece out of white foamcore and covered each piece with pretty tissue paper. The front of the drawers was cut out of black foamcore. Then I glued the sides, back and front to the bottom with hot glue. I had to work quickly and used my heat gun as necessary to re-melt the hot glue and seat/re-seat the pieces together.

I used black foamcore on the shelves and the shelf supports. There is also a bottom piece inside the bottom slot and top piece sitting on the top shelf supports. This allows the drawer to sit up a little bit from the bottom of the unit and a little more at the top to accommodate the front veneer of the drawer. The top, sides and edge of the bottom were covered with Tim Holtz’ Melange tissue wrap (covered before adhering the pieces to the chest). The tissue paper is 12″ wide and 15′ long. To cover the foamcore, I had to piece the tissue paper together for the width. Before I glue it on with spray adhesive, I colored the butterflies with Sharpie markers. To kind of tidy it up, I used washi tape; some of it is Tim Holtz’ washi tape (whichever one has the butterflies), which was also colored with Sharpie markers. I don’t remember who makes the black and white stripes and red with yellow dot tape.

chest of drawers front

Once it was all together, I measured the front of the chest, reduced it just a bit, divided the height by 3 and cut out pieces of chipboard for each drawer and painted them black. Then I cut 3 pieces that were about 1/4″ all the way around from white mat board for the front veneer piece of each drawer. These mat board pieces were covered with the tissue paper and butterflies colored with the Sharpies. The black chipboard and covered mat board pieces were sandwiched and glued to the front of each drawer. Each drawer has knobs (again, Tim Holtz) and some other decoration. I tried not to cover up the butterflies too much. There are no 3D decorations on the sides or top.

chest of drawers side

Even with the measuring faux pas, it worked well and holds the trays. The top and bottom pieces measure 15″ x 20″ and stands about 12″ tall. Each drawer is 18-3/8″ x 13-1/2″ x  3-1/4″ (outside measurement). The inside of the drawers are each approximately 18″ x 13-1/2″ x 3″.

chest of drawers open


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