Steampunk Barbie Pt. 5

Step 6:  The Flying Machine

The flying machine consists of 4 perfume sample bottles glued around a brass fitting. Inside the perfume bottles is a coil of brass wire filled with Judikin’s Diamond Glaze. A small gear from Spare Parts is adhered to the top each bottle with the wire from the coil sticking out. A faux watch knob is glued to the bottom of each bottle. These are all wrapped together, after superglueing, with copper tape. Another brass fitting with a small gear is attached to the bottom. It creates a stop for the propeller unit.


For the propeller unit, I cut a piece of brass tubing measured to about 1-1/2″ above the doll’s head and a smaller piece of brass tubing to fit inside that piece of tubing. I hammered out 6 metal petals from Spare parts, cut the hole-end down a little and used a brass screw to attach them to the smaller tubing. I didn’t think about what would happen, so the first time I tried to screw on the petals, the brass tube was actually inside the copper tube. The brass tube got stuck inside and I had to beat it out. But it finally came together, so to speak.

The wires sticking out of the bottles were wrapped around the copper tubing to complete the connection.


To attach the unit to the doll, I had to come up with a harness. Using 1 oz. black leather, I cut a rectangle to just cover the bottles to the edge and glued it down. Again, I didn’t have a small buckle so I made one and used some 1/16″ eyelets for the belt holes. To keep it more stable, I added a shoulder harness to the flying machine.



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