Steampunk Barbie Pt. 4

Step 5:  Accessories

I had some black fashion doll ankle boots that probably would have been fine, but it wasn’t the look what I wanted. I did use the boots, though, as the base. The upper was cut using the boot making pattern from .  I just glued the cover over the boot with 1 oz. black leather after adding patina’d brass 1/16″ eyelets to each side and used 3 strands of topstitch thread for lacing.


The top hat is using Tom Banwell’s pattern, again. I really like this pattern; it works well at the small scales.

I actually made 3 hats. The first two were made from leather that was too thick. The one I used was made from 1 oz. leather. I didn’t want the eyelets on the darts, though; they’re just  handsewn. Needles made for leather make the job a lot easier. I added a length of antiqued copper chain around the crown to finish it off.

top hat

1 oz. leather

top hat not used

leather was too thick

Her gauntlets are made from trim I dyed with alcohol ink. Pearls are sewn at the base.


The earrings are tiny watch gears with stems I pushed into the holes that were in her ears already.


Her shrug needed a closure so I glued a couple of gears together, sewed together the collar and glued on the “brooch”.


I made a muslin pattern for the goggles. Once they were how I liked them, I cut them out of the 1 oz. leather, but a hole each side where she can see out. Some acetate was glued to one side of each of 2 brass jumprings. These are the lenses. The lenses were pushed thru, gently, from the inside of the goggles so that the brass was showing, and glued in. Since I didn’t have a small buckle, I made one from wire. The lenses are centered over her eye; she can “see” out of the goggles.


She’s an aviator, she needed a compass and an altimeter. The compass is a small compass from Alpha Stamps ( that works. It is covered with leather and a loop made to attach to her waist. The altimeter is an image I picked off google images. I used a brass fitting for the casing. Judikin’s Diamond Glaze made the “glass” and it was attached to a wire bracelet for her forearm.


Using one of Tim Holtz’ swivel clasps, I added a little decorative bead, the compass and the goggles to the belt of the flying machine.

belt accessories


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