Steampunk Barbie Pt. 3

Step 4: Clothing

I like the outfit on Simply Betty’s Steampunk Gang Gwendolyn stamp: Starting with the legs, I used a fashion doll pants pattern to make another pattern–couldn’t use one with side seams because I didn’t want the extra bulk. After making a muslin, I cut them out of 1 oz. leather and sewed them up on the sewing machine. I glued the seams down, turned them right-side out and put them on the doll. Then I sewed up each leg on the outside to make skin-tight leggings. One legging kind of twisted during sewing, but it was in a place that was going to be covered up by boots, so I didn’t worry about it.

leather leggings 1leather leggings 2leather leggings 3

I really wanted to use the corset from Her tutorial on adding patina to brass eyelets worked well. These are 1/16″ brass eyelets. The corset was laced up using leather lacing. I made the corset, but had to put the leggings on first :).

corset front corset side corset back

I made a skirt pattern based on Simply Betty’s Steampunk Gang Gwendolyn — found some lace at Wal-Mart that was perfect for the trim. Notice that the top layer has the point to the front and the bottom layer has the point to the back. This made it a challenge to have an opening to get the doll into the skirt. The top layer was fine, I put the seam down the back. I didn’t want to see a seam down the middle of the pointed skirt, so I moved it off to the side. I altered the waistband from Reflections by Ice skirt patters, so that there was a seam down the middle of the back. It was covered up by the corset.

skirt and corset

The first time I sewed up the skirt, I got the top layer going the wrong direction and had to take that part off. Once that was done, I hand-sewed it onto the doll over the leggings; then put the corset on her.

She needed a little something else, so I altered a jacket pattern to make the vest. The same lace used on the skirt was used around the armholes only I folded it in half.


(The top hat is the first one I made for her; the leather is too thick.)


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