Steampunk Barbie Pt. 2

Step 3: Face

Using acetone-based nail polish remover, I removed the painted on features of her face. It had some ugly stamped on blue eyes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do much with the open-mouth smile–it’s just kind of creepy. Note to self:  use straight-up acetone next time and try to keep it only on the feature I’m trying to remove. The polish remover didn’t quite take off the paint and I smeared it around her cheek and forehead a little. It was nearly impossible to remove. A piece of sandpaper took it off. I washed her face off with alcohol to remove the polish remover.

clean barbie face

Following the directions somewhat from (re-paint tutorial), I repainted her face. The part I had trouble with, believe it or not, was applying chalk to her cheekbones for a blush. It could be I was trying to use too light a chalk on a tanned doll. Anyway. I like how her features turned out–even with the open mouth.

face repaint 1face repaint 2face repaint 3


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