Steampunk Barbie Pt. 1

Another swap for Art for the Creative Mind Yahoo! group. Here’s how I altered her:

Step 1:            Choose a doll to alter.

My first choice was the brunette doll, but she was a little too small for my patterns. Instead, I used the blonde Barbie.


brunette fashion doll alternate barbies

Step 2: Hair

These were used dolls so the hair was washed with dish soap (Dawn) and water, then some conditioner. The blonde doll was washed twice. Following the directions I found on the internet, I boiled 2 cups of water, set the doll in the sink and poured the water over her head. I swear it looked like it was melting, but it didn’t. The doll had a partial mohawk going on the front top of her head, so I cut it close to the scalp–can’t even tell.

straight hairstraight hair 2

I searched the internet until I found a style I wanted to use. Found a youtube done for a Frozen Elsa hairstyle I liked: Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite get the tail part of the big braid to work out. Instead, I stopped mid-crown with the braiding and boiled a perm in. This was done by rolling the remaining hair on straws with tissue paper (like a perm) and pouring boiling water over the head and immediately dunking it into ice water. It stayed in the water until it was cool. I let it dry rolled up, which took a lot longer than I expected–about 24-30 hours.

hairstyle 4hairstyle 3hairstyle 2

hairstyle 1

Her hair wanted to come out of the style a little bit, so I wove some coordinating embroidery thread between the braids and the crown. It worked well.






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