ArtCharms–Creepy Crawly Bottle Pendant

The ArtCharms group had a couple of Halloween swaps. I signed up for both. The Creepy Crawly bottle pendant specs are 1-3/4″ to 2-1/2″ glass bottles altered for the theme. Since I was traveling at the time, I ordered 7 from Specialty Bottles ( Since then, I’ve found some in the bead section at Hobby Lobby…note for future reference.

My original plan was to glue “webbing” from one side of the bottle to the other, but I have some of those plastic skeletons you can find at the dollar store. Instead, I used some Judikins Diamond Glaze and  “glued” some “dirt” (Barbara Trombley’s Elements Earth Textures; in the bottom of the glass bottle, then glued the hands (up to the elbow) I cut off the skeletons. Since I wanted a little “distressing”, if you will, inside the bottle, I added a thin coat of glue and some alcohol ink to the sides of the bottle. Once all of that was dry, I strung silk roving from the bottom of the bottle to the top. This was not easy to do.

I used tweezers that fit nicely in the bottle…that is as long as you had them pinched. The first bottle broke when the tweezers slipped and sprung open. Anyway, once that part was done, I added spiders. These little dudes are made with a black seed bead and 4 strands of 28 ga. black wire about 3/4″ long to start. Once the strands were threaded through the bead, I used some superglue to hold them in place. After that was dry, I trimmed up the legs, bent them into shape and added a 3 to each bottle.

To cap it, I wirewrapped some copper wire like a spiderweb for the top, creating a loop, then dropped the excess down the sides of the bottle, spiraling the ends. This cap was attached with some copper tape. Unfortunately, I wanted a patina on the wire and the tape, so I had to sand both as best I could before any wrapping. Some of it patina’d, some of it didn’t. The liver of sulfur is wet and unstickied the copper tape, so I had to superglue it to the bottle. It all turned out, though.  Not sure anyone will want this around their neck, but I could be wrong. 🙂

Creepy Crawly Glass Bottle Pendant


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