Altered Cuff–Steampunk

This altered cuff is for a swap on Art for the Creative Minds (Yahoo! group).  My first thought was to cut a piece of leather and embellish it with the laces and trims. Since it was just going to be covered up, that changed to cutting an actual cuff from a men’s shirt.

The first step was to ink the cuff to “age” it a little. The pointed lace and pearls were colored, too. Both with fabric dye and alcohol inks. The gold tulle was hand-pleated and is the first layer.

Altered Cuff 1

Next layer is the pointed lace. It wasn’t “frilly” enough, so I gathered two sizes of crocheted lace (I didn’t crochet the lace). The larger lace is sewn on top of the pointed lace. I did want some leather on this project, so I cut three strips: the middle strip has a strip of rhinestones sewn to it, the other two have French knots embroidered down their lengths. The strips are attached to the cuff with E6000. The smaller crochet lace circles the middle leather piece.

altered cuff 3

Chains strips have been attached to the rhinestone strip with large oval jump rings. To cover up the lace trip joins, I made the circular trims on each side with elastic and beads. More chain was looped and attached to the strips along the rhinestones. They were first attached directly to the chain, but it didn’t seem “finished”, so I added small gears along the hand-side of the cuff. It still wasn’t quite there, that’s when I dyed some pearls with meadow and oregano alcohol inks and attached them just under the smaller crocheted lace.

The last step was to determine how the cuff would fasten to the wrist. I toyed with the idea of elastic, but thought that a bow would add a little more “frill”. A length of grosgrain ribbon is sewn the entire length of the cuff on the inside. If the recipient wants it a little tighter, all she will need to do is undo enough of the sewn portion on each end and make the adjustment there.

altered cuff 2



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