Altered Birdhouse

Art or the Creative Mind is a Yahoo! group I rejoined about a month ago. The August swap previews were posted and one of them was an altered birdhouse. The birdhouse is from Michael’s (approx. 3.5″ x 6″, give or take, and cost about $1.50). I really like Steampunk, so that’s the direction I took. Here is the birdhouse that will go to my swap partner:

AFTCM birdhouse front The sides were covered with some turquoise green leather Melissa gave me for my birthday. She gave me a bag of leather scraps from a bookbinding place. How cool was that!!!???

AFTCM birdhouse back (back)

The roof is covered with embossed copper sheeting that’s been patina’d. It’s “patched with more leather. There are small screws (smaller that #4 size) on each side of each corner that have been laced with black wire. I drilled a second 1” hole on the “back side” of the house (before applying the leather). The back hole is covered with a Tim Holtz gear; the front hole is finished with a watch bezel. It was a perfect fit.

AFTCM birdhouse side closeup(back close-up)

I cut the bottom off the box to stuff in a nest with another bird in it. Before re-attaching the bottom, I covered it with some black vinyl. The bottom has some tiny holes drilled around the edge so that I could insert the gear flowers. Some, I glued some dark brown cork and little wooden cups for feet (dyed with eggplant alcohol ink).

The front of the house has a 1/4″ x 1-1/2″ bolt inserted into a drilled hole. I sawed off the original wooden dowel perch.

AFTCM the bird The top hat is made from an old patchwork leather purse. It’s got some nice thinnish leather. Mr. Bird has small watch gears glued to his eyes and his feathers are flattened, reshaped, resized metal petals. He is perched on top of an antiqued bobbin (Spare Parts) that has been attached with another bold. This birdhouse had a hole in the top where a heavy twine hanger pulled through–this was removed.


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