Altered Birdhouse #2

Since I had purchased two birdhouses (a just in case :)), I altered the second one, too. This one is round. The first thing I did was cut off the roof, then drilled 2 more 1″ holes spaced somewhat evenly around the wall. The wall is covered with a dark brown cork, the roof is covered with part of the patchwork leather purse. Small screws have been screwed into the leather and roof at the joined leather, then wrapped with leather string. I wired in a gear at the top after removing the twine hanger. The bird has a leather top hat, gears over his eyes and the metal petal wings, too.


There was a wooden ring between the house and the roof that didn’t survive it’s removal, so I bought 2 metal washers and a metal bushing from the local feed store. The washers were too shiny, so I covered them with caramel alcohol ink. The rim of the house was uneven, so I glued leather rings to both sides of the bushing/washer/ bushing sandwich. Small holes were drilled between the holes in the house and I wired the bushing ring down to hold it in place and add a little decoration.The other bushing and washer were glued to the base.

front door

Copper foil was applied to the inner windows and around the base of the house. It was tinged with caramel alcohol ink, as well.


A nut was glued under each “window”; a bolt was screwed into the front opening. There are leather rings around each hole, too. One hole is covered with a gear, one with a watch crystal (it has the numbers actually on the crystal) and the front door is a large watch gear. I used a miniature dollhouse hinge on this one, so it opens. Antiqued bobbins were glued between the windows and lower to the base as added decoration. There is a leather “belt” with a small buckle around the bottom, too–just more decoration.


I needed to be able to hold the roof on, which presented a challenge. This is what I did: cut 3 strips of leather and attached with screws to the roof so that they fell between the windows. I used two Tim Holtz buckles to secure the front two strips to birdhouse wall and a large snap to the back wall. The buckles didn’t hold the roof down well until I pulled the buckles down, acting as a lever. Worked fine.


To finish it off, I stuck some hook and loop around the washer under the roof and the top of an LED tea light so that the tea light hangs down into the birdhouse. Take the roof off, flip the switch on the tea light, put the roof back on and voila!, a night-light.


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