Seashore Treasure Charm

The ArtCharms group had a Seashore Treasure swap. We just happened to be on Sanibel Island when this swap was open, so I learned the Sanibel stoop. This wasn’t my original idea, it’s just the one that survived implementation.

Seashore Treasure ArtCharm

My first idea was to bead the shell, so I drilled tiny holes along the edges with my Dremel. It took about 8-10 drill bits to get thru 12 shells–should have tried one first to see what it looked like, but I’d forgotten about the swap, so I was in a hurry.

I started off with 2 rows of holes along the curved edge and used 28 gauge gold wire with gold beads (Mill Hill beads, I believe). It looked nice, unfortunately when I attempted to put the head pin thru the top hole with the freshwater pearl, the twisting put too much pressure on the top and it broke. This happened on 2-3 times, so I switched to the above design.


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