Glass Fusing

The Art Studio in Marathon has a glass fusing studio, as well as clay. I had time after using the pottery wheel to partake of their Glass Bar. It’s basically some pre-cut projects that can be put together for fusing. However, you also have the option of doing your own thing. I made a night-light based loosely on one I had seen in a catalog. The Art Studio has lots of pre-cut bases, multiple sizes and colors of frit, strings, rods, etc. They also have Glassline’s glass paint. It’s a fireable glass paint. I had been eyeing it in Delphi’s glass emails and their website so getting a chance to use it was right up my alley! The cat is painted on with the Glassline paint, the rest is frit, rods and strings. Oh! They also had an adhesive for glass fusing that you just dab onto the frit in place. Worked out great.

cat night light

We had visitors while we were there and needed something to do for an afternoon. While Stella made a sushi bowl, I played with the Glassline paint again. Not so great results, but that really wasn’t the point :)… Here’s the pendant I painted. If you can’t tell, it’s a jellyfish over coral. There’s obviously a learning curve, LOL.

Jellyfish pendant




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