Domino Necklaces and Magnet

Melissa gave me some dominos that she found at a garage sale. I finally got around to making something from them. These dominos have a metal stud in the middle of the number side of the domino. Here are several necklaces and a magnet. I used ribbon to go around the neck to complement the bulk of the domino.

From left to right:  (left) image printed on coffee filter and trim glued around the edge, bail attached to back; (middle) spiderweb image stamped as background, skeleton image printed on coffee filter, edge inked with Staz-On black, hole drilled in top and wire ring attached; (right) rubberstamped text image, over-stamped with the butterfly and inked in with blue Sharpie, edge is trimmed with a satin ribbon and the bail is attached to the back.

domino art 1

From left to right:  (left) magnet made same as above necklace; (middle left) image printed on coffee filter, edge is inked with Timber Staz-On ink, 3 square beads glued to top and a hole drilled into the center of the bead to attach the wire ring; (right middle) image printed on coffee filter, edge inked with black Staz-On, rickrack along top and bottom edge, a ring of silver metal squares attached at top with a hole drilled thru center with a wire ring attached; (right) image rubberstamped and inked in with pink Sharpies, tiny holeless beads adhered around the edge, a hole is drilled thru the top and a wire ring inserted.

domino art 2

All of the dominoes with printed images are adhered to domino and coated with Judikin’s Diamond Glaze.

The necklaces can be changed into magnets simply by tying the ribbon into bows and glueing magnets on the back. The backs are all finished with decorative paper.


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