ArtCharms–Creepy Doll Charm Swap

Halloween is coming up and the ArtCharm group has a Creepy Doll Charm Swap. This is what I came up with. The original form is a half-inch doll I purchased at . I removed the arms and legs with a Dremel cutting wheel and “painted” them with nail polish (red, green and black) mixed with cornstarch. Then drilled holes where the arms and legs would be and a flattened piece of rebar wire inserted in the holes and twisted. I haven’t decided on a color for the eyes, yet, but this is the first option.

creepy doll charm

The Dremel cutting wheel did fine, but drill bits get ruined when used with plastic. It melts on the bit. The nail polish can be smelled throughout the house, but it will probably be gone by morning. I’m in the process of drilling the holes; unfortunately, the drill bit is stuck in the doll, so I’ll have to hold down the doll with clamps or something so I can get it out. Safety glasses are a must with this project.


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