Hairdryer Hook

I needed a good hook for my hairdryer and found this packet of 2 hooks. They’re not very pretty, so the first thought was to use some of the Vintaj Patinas on it. Then, my sister and I went shopping at Michaels and we stumbled on Martha Stewart’s Jewelry Enamel. My go-to colors seem to be blue (wild blueberry) and/or green (green olive) and I got home with a tube of each one plus a tube of activator. Of course, it didn’t occur to me to use it for this until I was sitting at my desk one afternoon. Then it fell into place.

The first thing I did was rub the metal down with alcohol. Then I mixed 1-part color to 2-parts activator for each color and applied it to the metal with a toothpick in a marbleing pattern on the hook. It had to cure for 72 hours. I nailed it to the wall over the hole made by the nail I’d been using. Here are before and after photos:

wall hook beforeenamelled wall hook

Now to see how it wears.


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