Mermaid Treasure Charm

The ArtCharms Yahoo! Group has come up with an interesting theme—at least to me.

My first prototype was an attempt to create a vertical cage for a garnet faceted head. I’ll still work on that because the concept is a challenge and would make a pretty charm—but I needed 25 of these so time can become a problem.

mermaid treasure prototype

My second idea was to make a scepter. I’ve used a gold-colored headpin, add a gold accent bead, the garnet bead, a gold seed bead, alternated twice with a glass pearl bead and finished with another gold accent bead. On the flat part of the headpin, I thought I’d add a small shell, but changed my mind. When I got there, I changed my mind and used faceted crystals in place of the faceted garnet. It looked more “seaworthy.”

mermaid treasure 1

I think this is something a mermaid might stash in her treasure.


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