Beads from Egypt

From Egypt…

Our friend, Eric, was stationed in Egypt for about a year. He came back with some beads he wanted re-strung/re-designed. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a “before” photo, but the round beads in the photo were where the scarabs and beads were in the necklace.

"Before Pix"

Basically, these were six bracelets on thin elastic. I combined 3 gray strands onto a section of memory wire and the white, orange and red beads onto another section of memory wire.

Memory Wire Bracelets

The ceramic scarabs were loose beads and since Eric didn’t seem to like the round beads on the necklace, the large scarab became the focal bead of the necklace. I added round silver beads on each side strung on wire and coiled. A smaller scarab and 2 blue beads from 2 more bracelets were used as accents along the sides. The remaining scarabs were strung using beading wire onto a 3-ring slide clasp. Some of the turquoise seed beads came off of the necklace and were used to make the third strand.

Scarab necklace3-strand bracelet

I’m going to replace the turquoise cabochons on the large beads and cover the holes so that they can be put in a bowl for decoration.


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