Mona Lisa Secrets—Round Robin Charm

This charm theme was tough. The owner chose Mona Lisa Secrets, giving a description of Leonardo da Vinci’s sfumato technique and the prominent colors she’s chosen. This gave us the opportunity to use either Mona Lisa or colors when making a charm.

Since I was the second person to add to the charm, I chose to use Mona Lisa herself as the subject. Really…that theme needs the representative inspiration, right? My first thought (and first 3 or 4 attempts) was to use a transfer technique with gel medium and an inkjet print. The first two were printed in reverse and laid on a Vintaj metal blank. Both of were satisfactory, until I got too greedy getting the paper off—took part of the image off, as well. The third was using the skin part of Grafix rub-on paper over a painted surface. One side was painted white with acrylic paint, the other side with a reddish Vintaj patina. When I added the image over the set colors, they were too sheer, no real detail.

So what I settled on was printing on a coffee filter and coating it with Judikins Diamond Glaze. The charm needed a little something else, so I drilled holes along the edge—actually measured! A few dangles and her charm is done.

Mona Lisa charm


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