Altered Book w/Drawer-Romantic Era–Mostly finished

The edges of the book block were coated with a thin watered down glue and a copper Pearl Ex coated onto it. I covered the book covers with two layers: 1) dark brown paper bag from the LSS (they used some really nice bags for purchases) and 2) stamped a letter stamp onto some dark brown tissue paper for the top and plain brown tissue for the back, scrunched it up and glued it down. The drawer is covered in some pretty scrapbook paper. The drawer itself will need to be trimmed down. Still thinking about adding a drawer cover so that “stuff” doesn’t fall out. I’ll cut it down about 1/4” on the sides and back, if I do add a cover. If not, it will be about 1/8”. Then I’ll have to cover the edges again.  The entire book box was sprayed with a matte finish sealer so the Pearl Ex didn’t continue to leave sprinkles everywhere.

The drawer has a snug fit in the book, so I don’t feel a need for adding a drawer cover. I did cut the edges down about 1/8” and finished the now-raw edges with a Krylon gold leafing pen. I couldn’t really use the original book spine as it didn’t have enough of a sturdy edge, so I cut a replacement spine out of bookboard and scored about ¼” down each side to fold over the drawer. I added some humps on the spine and covered the inside with the brown paper bag used on the cover, then covered the outside with black bookcloth—just needs a title.

The spine got glued to the drawer edge as well as the top and bottom so that it kept the foldover as it slides into the book box.

To add a little decoration, I sewed some copper-color beads onto a piece of black twill for each end of the book block. This added a really nice touch, IMO. Still debating on how/if to add any decorations to the cover.

I decided to add some brown rosette ribbon around the frame. It adds a nice touch.  The surprise inside is almost finished, too.

spine edge

spine edge

book block 2 book block 3 back uncut drawer beaded headband completed book, drawer open

Still needs the title on the spine, but I hope to have that done this evening.


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