Blog Beginning

Setting up the blog to share my projects with my family and anyone else who’s interested :).  Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Blog Beginning

  1. Wow Beth!!!! I knew you were talented, but these pieces blow me away! You are extremely creative and precise. You must have received the patience that I did not 🙂 You should talk to Lisa Bartlett about putting your things in her shop downtown. They would be perfect!!!

  2. Beth, I am SO impressed! Your range of interesting projects is astounding! The chain maille bracelet you sent me is beautiful! There are over 150 jump rings and each one is perfectly closed. (the patience you have) I wore it Christmas Day and my 25 year old daughter, Dana, borrowed it to wear for another party.

    I bought a nice kiln last year to fire metal clay, but haven’t had a chance to use it. I took a class at the art museum and made a lot of jewelry out of the silver, bronze, and copper clay. My job just keeps getting in the way of my creative ideas!!!

    • Thank you, Bridget! I’m so glad you like it–that weave makes such an elegant piece of jewelry I find myself not wanting to work the other weaves, LOL! I’ve always loved your work in polymer clay and hope to see some of your metal clay art, as well…maybe on etsy? 🙂 We browsed thru Tony’s artwork after talking to him last week and his pieces are terrific as always. We still have and use the sofa table he made with oak leaves and acorns carved into one end.

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