Glass Fusing

The Art Studio in Marathon has a glass fusing studio, as well as clay. I had time after using the pottery wheel to partake of their Glass Bar. It’s basically some pre-cut projects that can be put together for fusing. However, you also have the option of doing your own thing. I made a night-light based loosely on one I had seen in a catalog. The Art Studio has lots of pre-cut bases, multiple sizes and colors of frit, strings, rods, etc. They also have Glassline’s glass paint. It’s a fireable glass paint. I had been eyeing it in Delphi’s glass emails and their website so getting a chance to use it was right up my alley! The cat is painted on with the Glassline paint, the rest is frit, rods and strings. Oh! They also had an adhesive for glass fusing that you just dab onto the frit in place. Worked out great.

cat night light

We had visitors while we were there and needed something to do for an afternoon. While Stella made a sushi bowl, I played with the Glassline paint again. Not so great results, but that really wasn’t the point :)… Here’s the pendant I painted. If you can’t tell, it’s a jellyfish over coral. There’s obviously a learning curve, LOL.

Jellyfish pendant



Thrown Clay Pots

We just spent some time in the Florida Keys and I had some time to explore The Art Studio on Marathon ( They offer paint-your-own-pottery, access to pottery wheels, slab roller and a glass fusing studio. I took advantage of 3 of the 4 :)… It had been awhile (high school) since I’d used a pottery wheel, so I took one of the classes they offer weekly. Lynn already had one-pound balls of clay prepared so we could get right to throwing. The first one didn’t make it through the end of the throwing process–it ended up in the scrap clay pile to be re-used. Here are the pots that survived. There are definite flaws in most of them, especially the pinkish one with the blue sprays. Pretty glazes, though. Now I need to find a place closer than Florida that has wheels.

Thrown pots-outsideThrown Pots-inside

Wedding Guest Book/Album

My niece, Sarah, asked me to a guest book/album for her wedding this past April. Mom, Jackie and I went browsing through Joann’s where I found this fabric. I couldn’t resist! It was in Sarah and Taylor’s colors (gray and gold) and just really pretty. This was actually my second attempt at it. The embroidered names were too thick and wonky on the first one. It’s about 8-1/2″ x 10″. No one carries 11×17″ parchment in the stores, so I had to order it. It worked out great.

Front cover

I had just started playing with kumihimo when this project came around, so I made the trims around the edge and along the pearls. It’s made from embroidery thread.

wedding album--a little detail

The binding is a French Stitch Binding over a hand-dyed ribbon (yea! alcohol inks). The stitching is done with embroidery thread, as well. The binding instructions I used are from an online class I took from Kim Parkinson at My Creative Classroom.

 wedding album--the spine

Hydrangea Cupcakes

For my niece, Sarah’s, bridal shower, I wanted to see how difficult it was to make cupcakes decorated to resemble hydrangeas (one of the flower’s in her bouquet). So I found a youtube by Rosie Cake-Diva (, picked up some gel food coloring, the Wilton 2D tip, some decorating bags, a Jiffy cake mix, powdered sugar, butter and shortening and made a dozen. The icing is Wilton’s buttercream icing ( and is enough for 12 cupcakes. This is how they turned out…not bad for a first try.

hydrangea cupcakes

The edible “pearls” make all the difference, IMO. I found these in the aisle with the cake mixes rather than with the cake decorating supplies (which are bigger than I wanted).

We will be making 72 :)….

Color Pallette Swap

One of the ArtCharms group swap hosts decided to do color palette swaps this year instead of just specific colors. Those that sign up for the swap can use a minimum of 2 colors on the palette along the side of this palette…pretty photograph:

Polymer clay chilled palette charm

Polymer clay chilled palette charm

First I made a lentil bead from scrap clay using a 5/8″ bicone bead roller ( and baked the beads on a bead rack. Then I mixed the colors I wanted to use, which was all 5 of them. Luckily, I had some scrap clay that was already mixed close to the palette, I just added whatever it needed, if anything. The design is a mokume gane cane. It’s been awhile since I worked with polyclay and mokume gane, so I had to revisit the procedure. Once the  cane was done, I sliced off thin pieces and added them to the lentil beads. I used the darkest value and pushed it through a Makins polymer clay extruder using smallest strand disk, braided strands together and wrapped it around the lentil bead. The beads are coated with Kato’s clear liquid polyclay. Once they were baked, they were polished with a demel and muslin wheel and wrapped with silver wire. Made about 20 of these…they’d be a nice mix with the Winter Night Sky charms.